Knee Pain

Dear. Eli,
Thank you for your help!  I would like to encourage other patients to use my story... I started to have knee pain in August 2005, 3 months ago.  MRI shown medical meniscus tear, also patellofemoral degeneration change with lateral subluxation.  I had physical therapy & rehabilitation, but the pain did not go away.  I was told that the ultimate solution for it might be an operation.  A friend of mine referred me to see Dr. Eli Jiang.  End-August, after 12 months of Acupuncture, and Herbal Medicine, my knee pain has gone.  I'm so grateful for Eli's help.

Michael P.



Sciatica (lower-back pain)

I have suffered from "sciatica" since 5 years ago.  Over the past five years my lower back pain with radiation to the buttocks and down to my left leg; experiencing numbness and pins and needles.  I have seen a chiropractor, a neurologist, and a physical therapist to combat these pains, but none of these, regardless of the strength of the medications they gave me, was not able to conquer my symptoms.  After having seen so many doctors and essentially told that this was something I would just have to learn to cope with, I tried Acupuncture with Dr. Jiang, which has changed my life.  After two Acupuncture sessions, I could already feel a difference, and since then helped me combat so many other health problems.  Thirty months later the pain is going away.  I have been so amazingly blessed to be in Eli's care.  Thank you for making a difference, gratitude right from the heart for all you've done for me!

Caridia M.



Neck/Hand Pain (Cervical Spondylopathy)

I want to thank you for the treatment you have given to me, you can not ask any body who could do it better than that.  When I had a problem with my neck in Jan. 2006, I went to so many physical therapists and so many times, and I still have the same pain in my neck, it went right into my left hand so that I couldn't carry anything over 3 pounds.  When Dr. Jiang gave me the treatments, for about six months, I got back the strength in my hand, and I didn't feel the pain in my neck anymore!  You are my savior, Dr. Eli Jiang, many thanks to you.

Wayne W.



Shoulder Pain

Patient's conditions:
"Overall weakness due to heart problems and from effect of difficult angioplasty."
"Pain in left shoulder from bruising with loss of arm function."
Improvements as a result of treatment:
"An increase in my level of energy and well being."
"A general sense of calm and relaxation."
"Much improvement in my arm function and reduction of pain." 

Mr. Wong



Foot Pain

Dear Eli, You are a miracle!

Eight weeks ago, I came to you with severe foot pain from Plantar Fasciitis, which I have had for almost a year.  I am very passionate about sports and running and was desperate because I was not able to run.

Before I came to your office, I had gone to three doctors, underwent various treatments, some of them very costly, and took several types of prescription and non-prescription drugs, but everything had failed!  I had almost given up - and then I found you!

After 2 weeks of treatment in your office, my condition got better.  After 4 weeks, my condition had improved so much that I was able to start running again.  After 6 weeks I was almost pain free.  After 8 weeks I ran the Boston Marathon!

Despite the long distance (26.2 Miles) and the lack of training, I was practically pain free throughout the Marathon and did not get pain after the Marathon.

I am very happy now!  I can walk and run again and feel like a normal person!  You did a wonderful job!  Thank you so much!




Without stopping to catch my breath, I no longer huff and puff when I breathe.  I am able to walk golf courses, something I was unable to do before.  Still can't believe it was so easy to do.  Now I am also able to walk my dogs (Boger & Ivan), something I am very proud of.  I used to have sleep apnea and had to use a medicine to sleep at night - no longer have it.  Everywhere I go and see people that haven't seen me in a while, compliment how good I look; it is a very great feeling.  For all of this I am forever grateful to Dr. Eli Jiang.  I could go on for a long time explaining the benefits of losing weight.  Atkins sort of worked and then failed as every other diet has.  Eli has done a Terrific job and continues to do so.  Also my back would ache due to the extra weight, it hurt a lot less along the way of the weight loss due to acupuncture treatments; my legs feel like walking all the time now, they were very heavy feeling before.  My waist has gone from about 60 inches down to 46-47 inches.  Thank you Eli!

Robert Kosova 

Bob had lost 94 lbs in less than a year since the onset of his treatments and is continuing to lose weight.  His cholesterol was very high, up 200, but is now normal at 126, and blood pressure now regulated to 130 over 70, but was 158 over 87 (dangerous levels) before treatments.  To the right are Bob's before and after pictures.



Overweight / Smoker

In the U.S., I tried all the conventional approaches such as: Jenny craig, Weight-Watchers, and any other 'popular' companies and methods.  Nothing ever worked permanently.  In June 2003, I went to see Dr. Elia Jiang.  I immediately felt extremely comfortable with her, her methods, and her support.  I started to lose weight at a fairly rapid pace.  After a few sessions and a 20 pound loss, I wasn't worried about my weight any more, and with the trust I have in Dr. Jiang, I quit smoking after being a 40-year smoker.  I asked her that I would like to be treated more for my general health, that I had trouble feeling great about myself.  Part of the miracle of my experience with Dr. Jiang was that: My wife also lost weight!  She did just by watching me, being calmer, and watching the food she ate also.

By the end of November my weight was 195 pounds.  I had lost 71 pounds in less than 5 months; I was healthier than ever and my immune system got much better with Dr. Jiang's help using the herb curcumin and others.

As of this writing, January 1, 2009, I weight 190 pounds and I am recovering very quickly from my condition regarding my immune system.  My wife and I haven't gained any of the weight back.  In fact the MDs in Europe have said that the work of Dr. Jiang is short of a MIRACLE!

Miguel Prieo



Infertility (IVF Support)

After going through multiple IUIs and IVFs (2), my doctor referred me to see Dr. Jiang.  After the first Acupuncture treatment, I was so relieved to find Eli who specializes in treating infertility for women.  I began a combination treatment of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  With her expertise and support, our following in-vitro cycle was an overwhelming success, only after 2-months of Acupuncture treatment.  I am now well into my second trimester and feel great!  Thank you so much Eli, I highly recommend Eli to every infertile woman. 




Thank you so much for all your help!!!  Without the 6 months of acupuncture and herb treatments, I could not have had my beautiful daughter!
Sincerely yours.

Wife's History
She was 42-years old diagnosed with infertility 8 years (pcos).  She was treated with western medicine, which did not work.  Her premature menopause symptoms included hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and irregular periods.  Furthermore, she had Anxiety & depression.

Husband's History
The husband was 49-years old who had impotence for 3 months.  His semen analysis report showed:

  1. Concentration: 0.02 X 10 X 6mL (Normal: 20 X 10 X 6mL)
  2. Total sperm count: 0.05 X 10 X 6 (Normal: 60 X 10 X 6)
  3. Motility: 40% (Normal >50%)
  4. Morphology: 0 (Normal >15)

The conclusion from the above is his sperm count was much less than normal, the concentration was thin, and activity was too low.

They both had Acupuncture treatment and were prescribed a Chinese Herbs formula from January 26, 2008 to June 28, 2008.  They received Acupuncture 2-times per week, and took the herbal formula twice a day for six months.  Her husband's sperm returned to normal levels and the wife was able to become pregnant.

This couple had been trying to have a baby for 12 years since they were married.  She delivered in May 2009; the baby girl was: 7-lbs., 20-inches (pictured right).



Infertility (IUI & IVF Support)

I am a 36 year old female that had experienced infertility for two years.  My issue was that I have a low ovarian reserve.  My husband and I tried IUI's and an IVF cycle which failed.  I became depressed and shut myself out from the world. I didn't know what to do or who to turn to. I did try acupuncture with two different practitioners using herbs and attending sessions twice a week but there was no improvement.  Finally God sent me an angel. My fertility doctor referred me to Eli Jiang and it was the best thing I ever done. I wish we would of met sooner. Not only was she trying to help me conceive she was also treating the root of my problem which probably prevented me from getting pregnant.  My body was totally off balance with the stress and all. Eli is a very caring person and she made me feel positive saying "We will get you pregnant."  I did not have that feeling with the others.  She was so sure it was going to happen. After the first treatment I felt better.  I was able to sleep well and be more relaxed. I started seeing improvements on my ultrasounds when I checked for antral follicle counts and FSH levels. For only one and a half months seeing Eli two times a week with taking her herbs she gave to me I tried a second IVF cycle and now I am pregnant.  This is a true miracle and I feel very blessed. It is funny even when I felt that I couldn't be pregnant she said to me not to jump to conclusions because I didn't take the test yet.  She kept me going.  Even now I still see her once a week to maintain my balance so I can be in good health for me and my baby to come.
God Bless You Eli.





Eli, my family and I can't thank you enough for the significant role you played in helping us conceive and deliver healthy twin boys.  You truly are amazing at what you do.  We couldn't have done this without you.  Love,

Tara and family



Skin Irritation / Eczema

It was amazing the skin irritation went away after the 1st treatment.  I had saw two dermatologists for the same problems but their treatment didn't help.  Also, no more headache and stiff shoulder.





I'm a 46-year old female who had been suffering migraines for 10 years.  The headache occurred on the left side of my head throbbing or distending accompanied by nausea or vomiting, dizziness, and irritability.  The pain sometimes extended to the nape of my neck and back regions; after 2 months of Acupuncture and Herbs treatments, I got excellent results.  No more migraines; I'm highly recommending anyone who has migraine headaches to visit Dr. Jiang.  Thank you Dr. Jiang for your help!

Christina Wong



Bell's Palsy

Dear Dr. Jiang,
Thank you so much for your help.  You are an angel that helped me go through every difficult time. You help me to feel well and happy again.  Thank you so much, God bless you with love! 

Maria M.